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As important as it is for you to maintain your teeth with preventive care and routine checkups, there is simply no guarding against dental trauma. By their nature, accidents and injuries happen unexpectedly, and put you in the unenviable position of possibly losing one or more teeth if they get knocked loose from their sockets. At Rossi & DiLeo Dentistry, PC, we assure you of immediate, expert attention to give you every chance to save your tooth.

You may be fortunate enough that your tooth is only dislodged, meaning that it still retains some physical attachment. If so, see if you can gently but firmly guide it back into position before coming in to see our 10312 dentist. An avulsed tooth, however, refers to one that is free of its socket. Do not try to put it back in. You could end up swallowing it, which would pretty much end any chance of restoring it to viability. Instead, put it in a container of milk to retain its moisture. If you don’t have milk, you can substitute warm water with a pinch of salt. There is no time to waste. The more quickly you get to our office, the better the chances are that our 10312 dentist can affect a positive outcome. X-rays will be taken in order to determine the status of the tooth. If it is dislodged, it may only need to be secured with wire or a splint while it heals. Some dislodged and nearly all avulsed teeth require root canal therapy to have a chance. And while not every tooth can be rescued, the effort should most certainly be made. Losing a tooth leaves you with a marred smile and the need to replace it, which costs you time and money.

Call our office right away so that our 10312 dentist can take action to successfully treat your dental trauma.

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